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Monday, March 24th 2014, 9:33pm

Dankit Island

During the Game Developers Conference (GDC) that took place in San Francisco, CA, journalists from every corner of the world got their first look at the gameplay of Skyforge, judging not only from videos, but from their own playing experience. The game was installed on PCs in a special pavilion, where members of the Skyforge development team were sharing their knowledge during the playtest.

During the event, the press got to two locations in Skyforge, each with its own unique background story.

Dankit Island, a place that has long been dwelled by evil. A Virth hideout was discovered here a while ago. They are rat-like creatures, who arrived at Aelion with one of the invasions. Here and there are huge holes in the ground and those disgusting Virth inhabit them.

The air smells like rot. What could it possibly mean? The Scavengers are here. Together with the Virth, the bloodthirsty Scavengers serve the great god Thanatos, who has been trying to make mischief at Aelion. Players must face their leader and save Dankit Island from the evil!

The next location will be just as capturing and blood-chilling as this one, with its own atmosphere and story. Be sure to sign up for the beta now and stay tuned for the next location!


Tuesday, March 25th 2014, 10:14pm

1st :D

Nice views!

But when will beta testing will start?

I mean yeah! i signed up for but i have not the slightest idea, when i have to be ready, to get my own impressions!

Pleeeeeeeeeeease give us something like a hint in a way like : "Hey guys you can sleep well -and you should!- for the next two weeks!"




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Tuesday, March 25th 2014, 10:36pm

RE: 1st :D

Nice views!

But when will beta testing will start?

I mean yeah! i signed up for but i have not the slightest idea, when i have to be ready, to get my own impressions!

Pleeeeeeeeeeease give us something like a hint in a way like : "Hey guys you can sleep well -and you should!- for the next two weeks!"

They will email you once beta starts.



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Tuesday, March 25th 2014, 10:45pm

So sexy!
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Tuesday, March 25th 2014, 11:07pm

Hey Drew, did you allow them to film it?



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Tuesday, March 25th 2014, 11:25pm

Beautiful layout, would love to hang out there ;D

Wonderfully done, keep it allods team!!!

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Tuesday, March 25th 2014, 11:37pm

I like it very much. I can hardly wait to play the beta. :p


Wednesday, March 26th 2014, 1:19am

Can't wait to discover the world in fast paced combat wearing badass armour for once ! Thanks Skyforge



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Wednesday, March 26th 2014, 1:36am

Looks beautiful.
Oh my goodness at the water reflections.
Finally, my PC can truly meet a worthy adversary.

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Wednesday, March 26th 2014, 1:41am

Love the style :D
Also, who is that SZ dude in the lower picture?
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Wednesday, March 26th 2014, 2:43am

The images are Beautiful :D



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Wednesday, March 26th 2014, 4:38pm

Dem graphics @_@ I can't wait!!!!!! C:

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Thursday, March 27th 2014, 1:50pm

Все больше ЛОРа. И пока мне очень даже нравится.



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Friday, March 28th 2014, 4:52am

Simply amazing!

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Monday, March 31st 2014, 12:35am

impresive! nice graphics, nice place, need to be there



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Monday, March 31st 2014, 2:35am

Pretty and I love the battle vermin!


Monday, March 31st 2014, 9:11am

WOOOOOOOOOOOOW its so Beautiful , I have been unable to hold oneself back



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Tuesday, April 1st 2014, 3:25pm

Trees look so real, beautiful graphics.



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Wednesday, April 2nd 2014, 5:50pm

a teaser mmmmhmmm... kinda would like a idea of how big the world might be, maybe a idea of landmass, weather it will be one giant landmass or a couple of massive island type areas with a bunch of mini zones inside em...


Friday, April 4th 2014, 5:39pm

Why does everyone only care about the graphics? I play games to have fun, and so far, the story sounds so. lame.

I've seen the trailer and I was astonished by the graphics, but also recognized there is no depth behind this game. And the description of the locations are "This is... Here live the... They are very aggressive and you have to kill them." which makes the game feel incomplete. Its like reading a book that focuses on detail, but contains no plot.

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