Journey of the Divine: Divine Specializations

Today we’d like to discuss another one of the major features on the roster of new additions arriving in the Journey of the Divine update – Divine Specializations. As was briefly explained in our previous article discussing the Divine Form, players will be capable of choosing from a variety of specializations that complement their particular playstyle. Each specialization node grants access to a separate atlas located within the general Divine Atlas.

Each specialization can be unlocked with Divine Revelations, which is received upon successfully defeating the avatar of invading gods who are already approaching Aelion. Unlocking nodes in this separate Atlas requires both Sparks of Evolution and Sparks of Divinity. Each of these Divine Specialization atlases consist of 40 large nodes with smaller nodes surrounding them. Additionally, similar to the behavior of a completed class atlas, when each atlas is completely unlocked, an additional divine symbol slot will be made available.

Players can choose which of their actions bring the most benefit. There are a total of six specializations:

God of War receives bonuses for mass PvP-battles, Fighter & Tank roles as well as their ultimate abilities, Pantheon battles, and the skills to control multiple targets.


God of Knowledge can create scrolls and new items such as rings, weapons, signets and amulets. He can also obtain additional components when disassembling items.


God of Defense holds the advantage in PvE, easily surviving in any conditions. Tank & support abilities as well as their ultimate abilities are his forte. It also provides access to bonuses for Invasions, Hostile Territories, Raids and group content.


Skyforge Journey of the Divine Divine Specializations

God of Hunt specializes in solo attacks, Distortions, battles with heralds and fights with other gods. They can send their followers to hunt for trophies and has bonuses for successful duels. Their roles are Shooter and Fighter and their ultimate capabilities.


God of Travels has bonuses in solo-PvE, solo adventures and open locations. This god spends less faith on the divine form when fighting alone and can complete group adventures and Raids, receiving additional strengthening effects. Their roles are Shooter and Mage as well as their ultimate abilities.


God of Authority has access to special ways to receive faith. His advantages include legendary adepts and chapels, as well as special missions for them. This god prefers the roles of Mage and Support as well as their ultimate abilities.


Choose your specializations carefully to suit your own preference and general style of play. Be that mastery in single and group battles or advanced weapon making skills. It’s also a good idea to consider the order you want to master these specializations.
Remember, only the strongest of gods can compete with the avatars of invasion and survive – Unlocking more specializations will require dedication and commitment to defending Aelion from the Avatar’s influence.