Week In Review – The Celestial Battles – 11/03/2016

Tessa battles have witnessed a great deal of action over the last few days! Excessum turned into a real warmonger, attacking many pantheon’s portals and leaving no grotto safe to loot. Their efforts are clearly paying off as only a mere 20,000 points of Primary Energy is now separating them from the leader. It’s safe to say that Excessum has made their intentions clear and will fight all the way to the title.

A similar lust for war has possessed the Flibustiers de Nezeb, who run a challenging race against the clock in order to take over Prestige’s third place and deny that possibility to Ungeheuer, a fierce challenger. The Flibustiers nearly closed the gap during the week, but hope took a blow when Prestige suddenly gained a Tech boost of 90,000 Primary Energy.

The escalation of strifes in Tessa battles also put a halt to Pyrolyse’s progress. This sudden increase in competition among the leading pantheons seems to have taken its toll on their confidence at a critical time in the tournament, as a direct confrontation with Excessum appears ineluctable.

You can follow the evolution of the Space Program rating in anticipation for the grand final that will take place in about two weeks. Tessa battles are key to climbing up the ladder, but the position will need to be secured through the final Celestial Battles.

The Celestial Battles are a great opportunity for our brave Pantheons to shuffle the ranks of the Space Program one last time.Today we'll tell you more about the rewards that can be obtained within!

If you are familiar with the mechanics of the Celestial Battles, you can skip the next paragraph and visit our detailed breakdown of the Primary Energy you can accumulate in each scenario!

For those of you who are new to the Celestial Battles or need a short recap, we strongly encourage you to read the next lines carefully!

The Celestial Battles are the highlight of the Pantheon Wars. In order to participate, Pantheons need a sanctuary building, up to 100 Gods willing to fight and the required amount of Tactical Sense. The battles are divided into two parts; PvP (battlegrounds) and PvE (adventures). The PvE and PvP fights take place simultaneously, so you will need to decide whether you want to fight for a Condenser, or against your fellow Immortals. If you are victorious in the final 30v30, you will gain a significant amount of Primary Energy and a permanent commemoration in Aelion’s history!

If you want to learn more about the Celestial Battles, check our fancy Aelinet guide!

And now, let’s get to the numbers!

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We hope you enjoyed our small preview and wish you best of luck for your next Tessa Battles. Hone your weapons and be ready for the final taking place in the upcoming Celestial Temples Battles! Stay tuned for next week’s review of Skyforge Pantheon Wars!