Week in review – The Pantheon Wars – 11/12/2015

We’re back with our second “week in review”! Now that Team Pyrolyse (DE) have killed the boss from B4 and brought 25 teams into the PvP competition, they arrive on the podium once more and are clearly intent on leading the way. Amenta’s leadership are not willing to take this lightly, enlisting 16 teams in PvP altogether. Leading French pantheon "Prestige” also brought 11 teams that are adamant to get on the podium. Zion and Valhalla run shoulder to shoulder in a bid to secure the precious remaining slots in Golden league before the holiday season! Only Nova and Excessum remain secretive in their ambitions ‒ but who knows when they will show their cards?

pic Amenta, a behemoth leading the population/prestige ladder, made it clear that they’ll be prepared to defend their rank in the Golden league.
Clearing all its Class A distortions rank them at 7th place ex-aequo with the top pantheon in the chart ‒ but that's not all! By bringing an outstanding amount of teams into the competition (16), Amenta can made good use of its tremendous size to score second in the PvP ladder. Even if most of them suffered from the lack of scaling in the PvP competition or faced many difficulties, the huge collective can expect an exceptional participation rate to maintain them well ahead in the race.

pic Flibustiers De Nezeb: "Now that we have more members, we look forward to competing amongst the best!"
For Flibustiers De Nezeb, it’s been an exciting week. Know for promoting a friendly atmosphere rather than performance, their success in defeating 6 of 8 distortions on first contact attracted a lot of players. As a result, the guild merged with nearly 50 players. We’ll see if this will be an opportunity for the guild to climb the PvP ladder!

"When we entered the competition, we were just a bunch of friends hoping to prove ourselves and demonstrate some quality, at least in the PvE competition. We didn't anticipate we could have a chance to compete in gold League. All we wanted was to have fun doing what we like. Most of our members are far less enthusiastic about the PvP competition and we merely have 4 teams enlisted, though things might change. Of late, many players embracing our casual style asked to join our pantheon. Time will tell if we can successfully integrate that many players and get more participants in the PvP competition. One thing is for sure, Flibustiers is having a great time participating in the competition on its own terms and now that we have more members, we look forward to competing amongst the best!"

pic IX_ Kohorta: "We take the challenge, we try the hardest"
Our Polish friends from IX_ Kohorta managed to secure a solid spot in the PvE competition with a score 28,888! They destroyed all Class A distortion bosses and have shown they’re ready for Class B by killing bosses from B1 and B2 - but it doesn’t end there! Despite only two teams enlisted for PvP, they’ve climbed to rating 15 and are fiercely pushing for rank 14 in the PvP ladder.

"A good competition is what we seek. We take the challenge, we try the hardest and hope for the best, even though the outcome is unpredictable. We are a team no matter what! Pantheon Wars has given us a chance to test ourselves and has shown us the flaws we have to work on to be the best we can. It is also a lot of fun and we are looking for more!"

We’re just one week away from locking down the first qualification round of pantheon wars. Soon these mighty competitors will take possession of Temples in their respective league and hone their weapons for the final stage! Prepare yourselves for acrimonious battles and be sure to stay tuned for next week’s review of Skyforge Pantheon Wars!