Grand Prix Prototype 1

Grand Prix Prototype 1

Game Event

Prototype racing, held on the Dawn Plateau race track, has been attracting thousands of spectators over the years and the events are even broadcast across Aelion! These races have become so popular that the Orders of many gods take part in them. Even so, support from a god does not guarantee victory as only mortals can participate in these exhilarating races. The gods act only as patrons towards their team, providing the necessary items they require to take the checkered flag. In the end, it's up to the racing team to make their way to the top – The engineers, mechanics, support teams, and the racer themselves.
Help your Order achieve victory and bring glory to your name!

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Unique Rewards await the victors!

New Fury Mount, new hornscute mount skin, unique outfits, and much more!

Race Stages

Accumulate points and receive valuable rewards for every race completed!

Red Mechanic Overalls

This outfit is a sign of special services and involvement during the races.


Special regeneration substrate x200

A scientific advancement useful for the gods! This enhanced version of the regeneration substrate restores 45% health.


Race Suit Outfit

Awarding racing outfits only to those who participate in races is a tradition even the gods revere.


Second Ability Set

Provides an ability set for any character class. Players can freely swap to this ability set outside of combat.


Special Mass Accelerator x200

Increases running speed of the character and all allies in a 40 yard radius as well as making them immune to all slowing & movement restricting effects.


Mechanics Hornsute

A mobile workshop! Serves as a special symbol that is close to every racing fanatic!


Third and Fourth Ability Set

You will receive two ability sets for any character class. Switching between them does not consume transformation sparks, but is only available outside of combat.


Fury Glider

An incredibly fast mount! Increases character speed by 85%, and when maintaining a straight trajectory its speed increases to 125%.


Racing Helmet

Perhaps the best way to show all of Aelion that you're a true racing fan!

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To take part in this event players need to go to the Order menu in-game or on the Portal and find the Grand Prix Prototype 1 tab to get started!