Black Friday: Mega Market Sale

Don't miss out on this Special Offer! Multiple items are now on sale in the Market. From November 24th to November 30th, you can purchase generation 10 legendary weapons, incredible costumes, companions, and transport vehicles from the Market. Get them at a great discount!

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Companions are extremely useful both in combat and out of it. They bravely attack your enemies, entertain you with their remarks and unique behavior, and if you install certain modules, they can also collect resources, revive and heal their master. During the promotion period, four companions with unique color options will be available.
Pick the one you like best: naive Ellie, sarcastic Cromack, fussy Io, or adorable Pan-Pan.

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The scientists of Aelion are still working on upgrades for the immortals’ equipment. During the sale, you can obtain a few equipment pieces endowed with the power of alien monsters. There are a few weapons with special abilities.


The character gains +190 to Ranged Damage.

- Using Ultimate Concentration during Burning Rapid Fire will grant you 2 Lamia Arrows for 30 seconds, and using Electric Rapid Fire will grant you 6 Arrows at once.

- 6 Lamia Arrows turn the next Volley of Arrows into a Fiery Cage around the target.

- Fiery Cage consists of 6 arrows which are pulled towards the center of the cage after a time. Each arrow inflicts damage on contact with the enemy and slows them down for 3 seconds.
Telurgan Rod

Character gains +110% to support aura effectiveness.

- Sparks of Anger can now be applied to an ally and then redirected to the enemy nearest to them.

- When an Impulse Charge is discharged in that way, the damage of Sparks of Anger is increased 2 times, and the remaining cooldown of Sacred Barrier and Incarnation of Light is reduced by 5 seconds.
Astral Stream

The character gains +190% to Ranged Damage.

Using Explosion of Darkness and Extermination may turn the next Murder of Crows into Wicked Storm which carries enemies off and inflicts damage to them.
Sarn’s Rage

The character gains +190% to damage.

- The Slayer’s combo attacks inflict 100% more damage.

- 8 seconds into the fight and after exiting invisibility, bonus to damage is increased to 900%, and all combo attacks teleport the Slayer to their target.
Horus, Demonheart

The character gains +190% to Ranged Damage.

- Using Icy Comet with the Icy Meteor effect grants you 1 level of the Chaos Comet effect for 40 seconds.

- 2 levels of the Chaos Comet effect increase the bonus damage of the next Icy Comet from 150% to 500%, and its range from 8 to 12 yards.
Fury, the Astral Reaper

The character gains +190% to Ranged Damage.

- All the creatures summoned by the Necromancer inflict 25% more damage.

- When the Necromancer is alone in an adventure, they gain the ability to summon a demon compelled by necrotic energy for a long time. The demon distracts enemies and absorbs their souls when they die, accumulating a bonus to their damage (up to 900%).


Even immortals can’t be everywhere at once. Fortunately, that can be helped - just use transport. Every young god on Aelion can find a vehicle or mount to their taste.

Trewang is not just a mount, but your loyal ally in your fight against alien invaders.

Increases the character’s movement speed by 110%.
Trilia Flower has incredible aerodynamic properties, and its elegant design combines natural and technological features. Most importantly, it allows the rider float above the ground for a certain time.

Increases the character’s movement speed by 105%.
Record Hoverboard is a great choice for those who prefer fast and maneuverable vehicles. Its unique construction allows the immortals to make Dashes as they drive.

Increases the character’s movement speed by 100%.
Patriot Gravicycle is a fantastic vehicle! High seat, compact frame, flame paint job and clouds of smoke... You will fall in love as soon as you hear the engine rev up!

Increases the character’s movement speed by 80%.

Make the most of this amazing offer! Happy shopping!