Halloween Pack 2017

Happy Halloween, immortals!

Fancy adding more fright to your festivities? If so, we’ve got something special heading your way that will help you do just that – the 2017 Halloween Pack.

This delicious deal is sugar-coated with Candy Sense Replicators and an armful of Victor’s Medals, all wrapped up tight inside an appropriately creepy Scarecrow Costume for you to wear all year round, complete with custom idle & run animations. Want to replicate your in-game currency findings and give your friends a friendly fright while you’re at it? Then this is the pack for you!

The Halloween Pack 2017 will be available from the 26th of October until the 8th of November, so don’t be tricked – treat yourself instead, or you may find yourself being the frightened one with no candy to show for it.

Bring out your dead and make Halloween scary again with this impressive pack while you still can, muahahaha!

Halloween Pack 2017
Scarecrow Costume
Send shivers down the spine of your enemy as a sinister scarecrow.
5 000
Candy Sense Replicators
4 000
Victor's Medals
10 000
Premium Progress

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