Achievement Contest Winners

Greetings Immortals!

We called you to send us your ideas for the upcoming feature in Skyforge, the Achievement System - and you did! Our mailboxes were flooded.

The ideas ranged from killing enemies in creative ways, defeating other players in PvP and doing very challenging content. But alas, not everybody could be selected. So we asked our development team to pick the achievements and the winners. Here they are:

Achievement Name Achievement Condition Submitted by
Sushi for Beginners Kill 500 Oceanides with a melee class Andy S.
Protector of Aelion Score an S rank in all invasion missions from a single invasion (3 and 5 man adventures only) Gerard P.
Elemental Conflux Kill 3 different Wandering Elementals at Isola Digs in 3 minutes or less Darkye R.
I'm Not Aquaman Drown while in divine form FiFi C.
Treacherous instrument Defeat Laertes with his own sword Gunjan G.

Congratulations immortals! Your suggestions will end up on the final achievement list and you will receive the 15.000 Argents packed with the Crown of the Oceanides in the game very soon!

The development team was very happy to see how much support you all showed to make the game even better. The achievement system is not very far off and will land as an update in the game in the near future.

Good luck on your achievement hunt!