Aelion vs Predator Packs: On Sale!

Due to the constant threat of invasion from our bitter alien neighbours, there is usually very little time for cat naps and tall tails here on Aelion - a fact we'd like to change!


On that note, we invite you to feast your feline eyes on our purrrecious Aelion vs Predator Packs, on sale from April 21st to May 5th. Full to the brim with graceful costume pieces, valuable currencies and even "Nekis", a fearless companion who will follow you through all your catventures around Aelion, these packs are the perfect way to unleash your inner predator and go on the prowl.


Predatory Instincts Pack

Put some spring in your step with these precious currencies and beastly goods - perfect for that stealthy cat-burglar look - complete with a 55% discount!


Nine Lives Packs

Enhance your transformation with this black thermal costume, complete with cat ears and tail, concealing you from enemies and providing all the stealth and grace needed to slip through the shadows. Should you be detected, your loyal cat-panion "Nekis" will come to your aid, following you to the ends of Aelion without question or hestitation. All of this at a fantastic 65% discount!

NOTE: Nekis is immune to the effects of catnip.


COMBO PACK 2 IN 1 “Aelion vs. Predator”

Can't decide which to choose? Then consider the Aelion vs. Predator combo pack, providing the contents of both packs with a saving of over 50% - Don't miss out!



NOTE: This pack can only be acquired via the payment form on our website. This service is not available via the terminal or through in-game resources. To use Gaze of the Predator, see Quinta in the Research Center. A Stylist Services Token is included!

-The Skyforge Team