The Arena numbers are in!

Defenders of Aelion!

The My.com Arena is now closed. The numbers are in and the prizes are being awarded. Over 7884 contenders entered the arena, and out of those, only 20 have made it onto the Skyforge leaderboards! With scores like these, those that earned a place on the charts faced off against stiff competition on the tiers to the top. The My.com Arena is as much an exposé of a player's skill, as a display of a player's luck. To gain a spot in the top 10 requires no shortage of either, to achieve a rank in the top 5, doubly so.

Dominating the Battlefield as Skyforge's uncontested MVP is Mercurial Spectres. With a keyboard shattering score of 11045, he stripped many of his NA competitors of their illusions of grandeur by putting an unfillable chasm between himself, and the score of other players on the NA server. Apart from his closest contender, Jupiter Rain, who held his own against Mercurial, the scores found in the 3rd—10th spots saw a difference of nearly 7000 points between their own scores and Mercurial's. It is obvious by these numbers that Mercurial and Jupiter (score 10,038) pitted themselves against one another as Arena Rivals. Both knew of the other, both vying for top spot, and both aware that only one player could be crowned MVP of the Arena.

This time around, Mercurial Spectres won that title. But will he manage it next time too?


On the EU side of the Skyforge My.com Arena, Edo Sensei rocked the boat with his vigorous finger tapping score of 9038. With the MVP award going to Mercurial, Edo Sensei has earned himself the #1 spot on the EU server and clearly demonstrated why he deserves the Most Valuable Immortal in the Americas award. That award doesn't exist, but he can claim it regardless. Edo Sensei has been on the leaderboard since the very beginning, with the hard work done, he dedicated his time to slowly moving his way up the ranks. Stays before continuing his slow grind to the top spot., Clearly, this wasn't easy, but the results speak for themselves, and the results say:

Edo Sensei — Wins the Day!

His closest competitor, Soul Keeper, was looming over Edo's shadow. With only 419 points separating the two, Soul Keeper did what he could with a score of 8619 to tell Edo that there was still one immortal left in Aelion that was willing to throw down the gauntlet. In the end Edo's patience and perseverance paid off, even if it was just by a little bit. Soul Keeper takes the #2 spot in this rendition of the My.com Arena, and with it the silver victory in a fierce competition full of exquisite rivals.

Third place on the EU server saw a contention between James Robson and Khann Arch. Neither had the scores to contend with Soul Keeper or Edo Sensei, but the two did have the scores to justify getting one leg up on the other. Ultimately, with only 445 points separating the two, James Robson was able to hold on as the third-best immortal in the land with 6535, taking with him the bronze victory while Khann Arch (6090) had to settle with the 4th spot, finishing above Lynk Disturb (5849), both fills filling out the top 5.

On the NA server we had Ann Sume taking home the bronze medal and third-best spot with the definitive score of 3733. Apu Inti (3121) and Avatar Kori (3090) finished 4th and 5th respectively.


Whether you achieved the rank you wanted or were just playing to have fun, we extend a round of applause to not only our champions, but to the immortals and players that participated in the arena, watched the leaderboards, or rooted for guildmates. It is to you the players, that Mercurial Spectre, Jupiter Rain, and Edo Sensei dedicate their victories. We hope you enjoyed the my.com Arena it as much as we have.

Congratulations to all!