Arrival of Nihaz and the Elder Gods

Arrival of Nihaz

Today marks the beginning of the fifth week of the Demon Invasion and they are still fighting hard to conquer Aelion. Astral creatures are attacking our outposts. They are driven by fear and reverence: the avatar of Nihaz, a terrifying creature from another plane of reality, has manifested on Aelion for the first time.


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The Elder Gods are here!

Immortality is a great gift that must be used wisely. The worthiest of immortals become gods, granting peace and prosperity to those who believe in them. Many live like this for centuries, settling in provinces and dedicating their eternal lives to helping their close ones. But there are gods whose powers and bravery would not let them sit idly by, forcing them to join battle after battle! They are ready to rush to any part of the planet, from icy mountains to deserted wastelands, and if needed, they will leave Aelion altogether. Those gods never stop improving themselves, honing their from year to year. They are the ones who will face numerous challenges and eventually become elder gods.


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PvP Anomalies

The Hostile Territories are back in form of the PvP Anomalies! These Adventures are located all over Aelion just waiting for you and your group to enter and prove yourself! Gather your friends, join the PvP Anomalies, gather as many Ether Fragments as you can by killing bosses and enemy players and get yourself a lot of loot!


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We wish you good luck in the fight against the terrifying Avatar of Nihaz and on your way to become an Elder God!

  • The Skyforge Team