Astral Storm Packs

Do you remember your first contact with the demons, immortal? They have enslaved whole civilizations, consumed entire worlds and continue travelling the universe in search of their next target. A natural, unstoppable evil. Once their sights were set on Aelion, it was only a matter of time before you and the demons would lock into a bitter, endless war – a war we weren’t sure could be won, until now!


As our understanding of the demons grow, so do our methods of battling against them. Some may regard it as unethical to steal the demon’s own powers and use them for our own, yet when it comes to securing the safety of the entire planet, no price is too small. Would you become a demon to ensure your family, friends and loved-ones stayed safe during their endless invasions? If so, our latest demon pack may tickle your fancy.


Introducing the Astral Storm Pack – our third demon pack collection is full to the brim with precious currencies and valuables, as well as the very essence of the demons, converted into legendary weapon form for Revenants and Outlaws. If you ever felt like smashing foes to a pulp or filling them with lead using demon-infused weapons of alien destruction, these are the packs for you!


The Duel with Chaos Pack (Outlaw) and Wrath of Returnees Pack (Revenant) can be acquired individually, or both together (Astral Storm Pack) at a discount, and will both go on sale from the 18th October to 1st of November. Are you ready to turn the tables on our enemies by using their own powers against them for the sake of Aelion? Will you drink of the demon’s essence and wield their power for your own? Time will tell.

-The Skyforge Team