Black Friday Mount Sale!

Everyone has their preferred method of transportation that suits their own style. Aelion’s farmers often ride their Hornscute or Moah while traveling to sell their wares. The speed-freaks at the race track just can’t stop talking about those intricate formula speeders. Though for some, all of that is just completely unappealing. Sometimes you just want something new, unique, and most importantly reliable. We’re proud to introduce the newest addition to the glider line – The Amethyst glider!

Be the envy of your comrades as you ride into battle on the latest Amethyst Glider with the sleekest paintjob currently available. This mount will only be available for a limited time from November 27th until December 2nd from the in-game Market for 18,000 Argents.

Including this magnificent mode of transportation we still have other exciting sales currently ongoing!

If you were waiting for the most opportune moment to purchase Argents, now’s the time with our 20% Bonus Argent Sale and a new gift for of our all first time Argent buyers!
Alternatively, you can pick up your very own Necromancer Pack which includes instant access to the Necromancer, unique costumes, a hefty sum of Argents and a lot more!

Don’t wait another day as these sales will only be available until December 2nd!