Brace yourself for Tessa Temple Battles!

A good amount of new content accompanied our latest update, War’s Onset, with one of the most important being the Pantheon Wars! You had a taste of the Qualifications phase and will soon discover the Celestial Temple Battles! But there is more to come…

Today let’s take a closer look at the Tessa Temple Battles!

The Tessa Temple Battles are 10 vs 10 confrontations, each taking place on a Celestial Temple where you and your Pantheon members will work to gather Tessa Sparks, a unique resource necessary for the construction of the Aelion Space Program.
Each Celestial Temple has 5 portals, regardless of if the Celestial Temple is in the Silver or Gold League. You can locate these portals via the Divine Observatory or your Pantheon tab – Tournaments – Portals.
These portals are what provide access to the Tessa Battles. Once you’re ready to fight, use these portals and you will be teleported to a cave with several entrances and exits as well as 3 Mental Resonators.
Tessa Battles will take place every 3 days after the end of the Pantheon Wars, once all the Celestial Temples have been attributed to their rightful Pantheon owners. The Tessa battles start at 12:00 (server time) but the opening battle can be postponed by the Pantheon that owns the Celestial Temple in exchange for Credits.

To take part in Tessa Battles, you need to:

  • Own a Celestial Temple and defend it
  • Be in war with a Pantheon that owns a Celestial Temple you wish to attack
  • Have a Legionary rank

Your objectives in the Tessa Battles is either to loot precious Tessa Sparks from the Mental Resonators if you’re an attacker; or protect the Mental Resonators so you can collect your Sparks if you’re a defender. A Pantheon’s global goal is to gather as many as Tessa Sparks as possible to construct your contribution to the Aelion Space Program and forever place your Pantheon’s mark in Aelion’s history!

You can read more details about the Tessa Battles via our Aelinet guide.