Changes to the Aspect of Mercy


The latest update did reset your Cognition points. Now when you start learning higher divinity, you can begin with any aspect. Let’s look at the advantages of the Aspect of Mercy which are available once you unlock its gold node.

Every week (at 3:00am PST on Wednesday), gods will receive 10 random Edicts:

scroll Scroll of Enlightenment.
Converts 1000 points of Divine Deeds into 500 points of Cognition.
elixir Persistence Elixir.
Consumed when you assume the aspect form, restoring the spent Faith.
rune Rune of Time.
Makes enemies and allies invulnerable and unable to perform any actions for 20 seconds. Can be used only in great battles and Pantheon Wars.
cube Fluid of Incarnation.
Use 7 points to receive random legendary Aspect jewelry. Storage limit: 7. When you reach this limit, you will stop receiving these items from all sources.

The last Edict allows you to receive legendary jewelry:

concentration Concentration of Aspects.
Increases the duration of the aspect form by 45 seconds. You will lose the active aspect form if you unequip this brooch.
necklace Rivalry of Aspects.
Damage to other players is increased by 12% while you are in the aspect form.
ring1 Hunger of Aspects.
Grants 10 points of Faith for killing players when you are in the aspect form. The effect has a 12-second cooldown.
ring2 Echo of Aspects.
When the aspect form ends, the character gains an effect which increases damage dealt by 12% for 20 seconds.

We are aware that many users are wielders of the Aspect of Rage, but consider changing to the updated Aspect of Mercy!

Good luck!