Council of Gods - First Election Results

We are pleased to announce the results of the first Council of Gods elections! For the several coming weeks, Ianna, Asterius, Metarchus, Herida, Flavius, Xintara, Thais, Judas, Nestor, Stellania, Spyro, and Thialia will be the ones to sit in the council. Let their rule be wise and just and bring prosperity and safety to Aelion!


Exclusively for The Aelion Herald, several of the candidates agreed to talk about their nominations.

I thank you for your vote! We will leverage modern technologies and scientific achievements for the benefit of every Aelionian. These dire times put a colossal burden on our shoulders, but you can rest assured that I will not let you down!
Erm, where did that drone go?
Oh! You’re still here!
Flavius God Scientist

My dear immortals! I knew that your hearts are open to the happiest and warmest feelings! I promise to stay close to you—stay in your hearts—even in the darkest of times! Don’t forget that only love can save this world!
Thais Goddess of Love

The Council of Gods will quite soon begin its work determining the contents of directives that you can obtain in the Divine Observatory. Remember to leave your feedback on the desired contents of directives in the comments!
Who knows, perhaps the gods will listen?