Discount Variety Sale! – 25% Off!

Introducing Skyforge’s Discount Variety Sale! For a limited time you can pick up all your favorite items from the market’s Various tab for 25% off! Haven’t had an opportunity to obtain a mount yet? Get on trucking with the Temporary Gravicycle License! Just can’t get enough sparks for your efforts? Try picking up some Medium, or the newly added Huge, Set of Spark Replicators to boost your rewards!

From November 13th to November 20th 2015, all items in the Various tab of the in-game market will be available at a 25% discount for both Argents and Credits!

Item Original Argents Sale Argents Sale Credits
Set of Adept's Emblems 100 75 12600
Set of Symbols of Immortality 150 113 18984
Set of Champion's Seals 200 150 25200
Set of Celestial Threads 50 38 6384
Set of Sparks of Transformation 250 188 31584
Medium Set of Spark Replicators 200 150 25200
Huge Set of Spark Replicators 2400 1800 302400
Temporary Gravicycle License 1250 938 157584
Energy Module Pack 250 188 31584

These deals will only be around for a week - Be sure to take advantage of these wondrous deals before they’re gone!