Enhancement Promotion, Payback, & Glider Transportation Sale!

Enhancement Promotion

What could be better than watching your character progress in Skyforge? Developing nodes, strengthening equipment, and upgrading temples - these are things any player can do. Now, thanks to this new promotion, anything that makes your character more powerful will bring in additional benefits!

We are happy to announce that all players can receive additional rewards just for enhancing your characters as normal from August 24th to September 7th.
Develop your immortal and receive in game bonuses: Argents, resources, and most importantly - a Biker outfit in a new color and a uniquely colored Toxin Glider!

How do I take part?

To get these rewards you just have to upgrade your character's equipment, improve Order structures and develop Vectors in the atlas. You will receive progress points for doing this. Once you reach the threshold value, you can get extra bonuses. To see your progress and upcoming rewards, just click (9) while in game.

What do you get progress points for and how many do you get for each enhancement?

Increasing Equipment Levels
  • Each Enhancement Stone used will yield 300 progress points.
  • Each credit spent - 1 progress point.
Improving Order Structures
  • Increasing temple ranks with Holy Texts and Special Holy Texts will yield 500 progress points for each text used.
  • Building chapels and upgrading temples and chapels yields points according to the amount of credits spent.
Upgrading Vectors
  • For each Vector improved with Ether Cores you will get 50 points.
  • For increasing Vector levels with Improved Ether Cores - 840 points.
  • Increasing vector ranks will yield points according to the amount of credits spent.


Remember, the promotion ends on September 7th!

Payback Promotion

Imagine you’re in the market, purchasing your various life-sustaining products and when your basket is full you make the purchase. Two weeks later, you receive everything you spent that day for being a loyal customer – We want to do something similar today!

Between August 24th at 5am PDT and August 25th at 6am PDT, players that spend Argents will have ALL of their spent Argents returned to them on September 7th!

Yes it’s true – simply using your Argents guarantees that you’ll receive all of them back in two weeks! What they’re used on is up to your discretion, Upgrades, Costumes, Resources or anything else you’ve been eyeing recently!
Please be aware that only Argents purchased during the aforementioned time-frame will be counted towards the payback. Additionally, this will only count towards Market items which means that Argent to Credit conversion will not be added to the Payback.

Players will receive the payback for their spent Argents on September 7th.

Glider Transportation Sale

The Glider – a wonder of transportation on Aelion. Many different models exist, all fulfilling different goals from simple transportation for everyone to military maneuvers. Some consider certain models a status symbol and others just like collecting the latest & greatest!

From August 24th until August 31st at 3am PDT, we’re offering a selection of Gliders at up to 50% off on the Market!
From the transport that is already available to some that were only available for a limited time, there’s definitely a new ride waiting for you!

The list of prices (In Argents) for each of the mounts can be found below.

Mount Normal Market Price New Price Discount
Patrol Glider 18,000 9,000 50%
Amethyst Glider 18,000 9,000 50%
Fury Superglider 18,000 9,000 50%
Beam Glider 18,000 13,500 25%
Darkest Hour Superglider 18,000 13,500 25%
Outrider Special Glider 18,000 13,500 25%
Gold Arrow Superglider 18,000 13,500 25%

Glider Mount

Get ready to ride and remember – this sale will only be active until August 31st!