Fragments of Aelion


For a long time, the museums of Aelion have entertained its people. They were among the few places in the world where both gods and mortals could go to see the weapons of the Old Gods - cracked with time and caked with wear. Children would be taught that, back then, no creature could resist the power of their attributes nor defy the sharpness of an edge; that the power of these relics were feral, dwarfing anything today. But that was then. Now, they lay powerless.

Until Tessa showed up.

The Fragments that sat broken in glass enclosures saw cracks disappear, edges sharpen, and dormant frames became imbued with unbridled power! Tessa's arrival on Aelion caused these fragments to come alive.

Such fragments can now be purchased in the in-game pack store and will rotate to other fragments over time.

Kicking off this week, are these fantastic weapons!


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