Fragments of Aelion – The four treasures


It seems that the otherworldly discoveries don't come to an end! Tessa and her disciples brought various chests marked with symbols of the Assassin, Judge, King and Sage. These chests contain 200 Marks of each of their named patron.

The scientists and engineers at Flavius Laboratory took a deep look at them, deemed the worthy for use and put them up for sale in the in-game pack store for all immortals to enjoy.


The following chests with upgrade materials are now available:

Name Content
Assassin's Chest 200 Marks of the Assassin
Judge's Chest 200 Marks of the Judge
King's Chest 200 Marks of the King
Sage's Chest 200 Marks of the Sage

The stock is only available for a limited time. Grab yours while it's hot!