Freedom Celebrations: 20% Bonus Argents until July 5!

Freedom Celebrations

In constant battle for its own independence, Aelion has been forever plagued by danger and peril. As long as gods and immortals tirelessly dedicate their existence to the defense of Aelion and its citizens – working towards a better future for everyone – no amount of hardship can quell Aelion's united spirit and patriotism!

With Aelion’s own Days of glory long behind us, we’re here to honor various days of independence & freedom celebrated by some of Skyforge’s supported regions over the coming weeks!

Starting today, June 29th, you will be able to celebrate alongside these countries with a decorations in both the Park and Divine Observatory. In addition, you will be given Fireworks to help provide that little extra kick to the festivities. The full timeframe regarding the Event can be found below:

Canada Day & Independence Day Bastille Day - Fourteenth of July
Start: June 29th Start: July 13th
End: July 7th End: July 20th

Skyforge Freedom Celebrations

Bonus Argents

Take time to honor days of freedom: From June 29th until July 5th, you’ll be awarded an extra 20% Argents when topping up your current stash!

Skyforge Bonus Argents

This includes the bonus Argents already added to the total when making a purchase. Taking advantage of this deal is simple - either click the “Add Argents” button on Skyforge.com or in game by clicking your current Argent amount to access the “Add Funds” interface.

Curious to see the exact amounts you’ll receive? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Price 20% Bonus Argent Total Argents
$2.99 + 500 Bonus 3,000
$6.99 + 1,200 Bonus 7,200
$12.99 + 2,350 Bonus 14,100
$24.99 + 4,800 Bonus 28,800
$49.99 + 10,000 Bonus 60,000
$99.99 + 21,000 Bonus 126,000

Remember, you only have until July 5th to get these delicious bonus Argents so don’t wait too long to take advantage of the Argent Sale!