History of Aelion: Icy Winds Canyon

Continuing our exploration of Aelion’s various regions, we’re going to take a look at easily the coldest and most uninviting part of the planet and learn the history of the Icy Winds Canyon – An icy valley with a frozen river running along its base. The Icy Winds Canyon is at the northernmost part of an island which neighbors the equally ice covered isle of Khimalis. These two lands are considered to be the coldest locations on Aelion.

The canyon itself is quite dangerous as packs of Ursuns prowl around its chilling expanse, searching for prey. They typically feed on Ornises, polar birds that are just as hostile to people as they are to any trespassing predator. Additionally, a colony of Mammoths can be located within the canyon however their population is quite small.

Icy Winds 1


Thousands of years ago the cavern was formed among boulders and other debris left from a massive glacier. With each passing year, melting water continuously eroded the huge masses of ice and snow resulting in a true icy canyon. This was later followed by a full-flowing river carving itself a wide channel through the canyon with a multitude of branches spread throughout the area.

When Aelion’s climate changed and became colder the river froze, completing the landscape that has survived intact to the present day. Not long ago a remote base was built for scientists to research the dynamics and geological activity of glaciers but their work was put on hold, the staff moved, and the base was closed until the more pressing matters were addressed.

Icy Winds 2

The Renegade Cryomancer, a powerful mage rebelling against the will of Aelion’s gods, took refuge within the Icy Winds Canyon. Settling in a familiar element, surrounded by ice and snow, the renegade probably believed he would remain both invisible and invulnerable. After locating the abandoned scientific base he set up camp within its deserted halls, but this did not go unnoticed – The security devices left behind detected his intrusion and sent a signal directly to Aelinar.

After scanning the received images, the scientific council of Aelinar identified the intruder and handed the matter over to the Templars. Being very familiar with the subject due to the recent disorder resulting from his actions, a unanimous decision was reached to entrust the Immortals to deal with this dangerous offender.

A straightforward order was issued: If the Renegade Cryomancer cannot be apprehended, he should be eliminated on the spot.

Icy Winds 3

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