Honor the Ascended: Skyforge’s Server Firsts

Crucible of the Gods brought many exciting additions to Skyforge, including the ability for players to achieve their Divine Form. With each passing day more players will begin to unlock their divine powers and become capable of better defending Aelion from the ever-growing number of threats bombarding the planet. However, we’d like to take a moment to honor those who were a part of the first group of Immortals to complete their ascension to godhood and award them with an exclusive portal title, Primordial God, for their dedication!


North American Server

• Dual Spiral
• Dynetheous Leifen
• Zylo Sladek
• Divinity Rusty
• Raziel Highwind
• Dark Valkyrie
• Janys Araelis
• Evir Blackmore
• Fang Everlost
• Plucky Purcell

European Server

• Dead Pool
• Sephiroth Crescent
• Chriss Swift
• Chiyo Pendragon
• Ryt Zukii
• Nortfor Yaere
• Dertold Derrty
• Nona Ginta
• Cokie Theclown
• Pharaxx Pharaxes

In addition, the Skyforge team would like to provide the highest commendations to several Pantheon’s who were among the first to successfully vanquish the challenges that awaited them in Skyforge’s first raid, Operation Isabella. Congratulations to Tier Based Tactics with support from Player Regulator & Superi (NA) and Impact (EU) for being the first Pantheon groups on NA and EU to successfully complete Operation Isabella!

Tier Based Tactics, Player Regulator, and Superi

• Matt Mat
• Snapy Blk
• Zephina Rossetta
• Fang Everlost
• Algoo Butts
• Fuzzy Bear
• Renegade Master
• Razer Baby
• Jack Ptolemalos
• Arkerius Ragna


• Dead Pool
• Kals Legends
• Sevarius Octagon
• Cherry Coke
• Skorpio Achandriel
• Crafter Storm
• Scye Legends
• Heavy Legends
• Ellen Riply
• Akatsuki Yagami

Here’s a look at Tier Based Tactics’ Firewing kill video courtesy of TBT member Zephina Rossetta:

Congratulations to all of our newly awakened Gods and victorious Pantheons! We wish both them and all other aspiring Immortals good luck! They’ll certainly need it as Aelion prepares for the impending alien Invasions!

Note: The rankings (for both servers) have been updated on the 18-19th with the correct data.