Introducing MyLoot!

Immortals !

At My.com, we are alway looking for new and exciting ways to please our fans and offer them new thrills and reward their loyalty and passion for our games. After years of steady improvement, we are ready to embrace the launch of the myLoot Marketplace , where you will be able to obtain cool exclusive rewards in exchange for myCoins!

From July 12th, 2018 , players with active My.com accounts can head to loot.my.com and purchase additional items for My.com's PC titles! Also, if you join between July 12th, 2018 and July 18th, 2018 , you will receive a Welcome Gift of 60 myCoins!

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Ok, but what are myCoins?

MyCoins is a universal currency that can be spent exclusively in the myLoot Marketplace and is gifted to players per item purchased on the platform and given as a reward in different events and activities around all you favorite my.com games.

Using your myCoins is the key to getting access to some tremendous rewards in the form of loot chests. These chests can be found either on the myLoot homepage or under the Chests section of a game's storefront.

To learn more about what's in a chest simply click on it, this will launch a small pop up window to show you what's inside. You will find everything from in-game currency packs to consumables and exclusive skins that can only be found in myCoin chests!

Getting Started

To get started, log into your My.com account and head over to the myLoot marketplace by clicking this link. Once you are logged in, you will receive your first 60 myCoins!

Each game will show the best offers on the front page, but there are also many more offers that you can browse through!

To see all the offers available per game, simply click View All. This will redirect you to marketplace for that game. Make sure to come back regularly as available offers will be regularly updated!


Purchasing Items

After selecting a title from the myLoot homepage, and choosing a specific item for purchase, there are some things to bear in mind before completing your order:

  1. Every item purchased in the Shop section of the myLoot Marketplace will grant you myCoins , with the amount of coins earned varying from item to item.
  2. Purchasing items in stacks of 10, 25 or 50 will open up an exclusive bulk discount. Each of these milestones will reduce the per item cost by more than the previous one. Some items may have limited availability or daily limits. These restrictions will be clearly displayed in advance.
  3. In the chest section, you will be able to redeem your myCoins for different chests with all sorts of rewards, ranging from special editions of mounts and companions to credit jackpots!


Managing Purchases

All purchases and rewards collected from chests can be found in the myLoot inventory page. From there you simply click the activation button and follow the simple steps provided. If you want to check on items that you have sent in-game, just go to the History section and all your latest activations will be listed there.

Once you have successfully activated them, they will be stored in a chest in your bag.


If you have any questions, you can always check the Help section in myLoot for each game, where you can find answers to FAQs.

We are actively working to make your experience in myLoot as smooth and enjoyable as possible, so if you spot any bugs or issues during your visit to myLoot, please let us know. Your feedback is very valuable to us!