Introducing a new Hostile Territory – Ontes Valley!

Many of you have already achieved great power, proving your determination towards becoming an Elder God. Due to this progression, It is time to present a new Hostile Territory - an open area that contains Ether Resonators that act as plentiful springs of great power. The area is called Ontes Valley and is situated among picturesque mountains, lush forests, and deep ravines. The sources that created the hostile territory attracted extremely dangerous Reapers of Death & Gorgonides to this tranquil region. By absorbing the energy flowing from the Ether Resonators, they inflict serious damage to Aelion.

Ontes Valley 1

In addition to regular rewards from monsters killed next to the Resonator, you can obtain higher, epic quality trophies as well. Progressing through this adventure, allows you to go deeper into the region and find stronger monsters that will allow you to obtain even better rewards. The map can be divided into four zones, each of which requires different amounts of Tactical Sense: 2500, 2600, 2800 and 3000, respectively. This location, just like the previous ones, has an Underground Temple. This is where you will find the most powerful Resonators which can generate more rewards. But be warned, these resonators also have the most dangerous creatures around them; you will require 2700, 2900 and 3100 Tactical Sense, respectively.

Ontes Valley 2

This location differs from the rest because each zone has only four Resonators that are located rather close to one another. In the middle of each zone, there is a boss which you can kill to complete the relevant task sooner and if your group is there first, you can try and challenge him to a fight before others arrive to do the same.
Good luck, Immortals, Aelion is counting on you!

Ontes Valley 3