Key Elements Promotion

Breaking news!
Excavations at an ancient magical site uncovered a mosaic that includes directions to a place where powerful artifacts are buried. A legend promises "a power unlimited" to the one who finds the so-called "Element Keys." Those are just rumors, naturally.

Still, thousands of Aelions people armed with their tablets have already set out to search for those magical trinkets! Absorbed by projections of the map, they cant even imagine what danger they are putting themselves into. We implore all users of the Aelinet to be aware of their surroundings and avoid invading forces unless they are escorted by immortals!

Pria the Impartial, The Aelion Herald Special Correspondent

From November 2nd to November 16 at 1am PDT, the Keys of Elements promotion arrives – The eggheads from the Research Center didn't lose any time in offering your adepts to test raven helpers that they developed specifically for treasure hunting. If the testing proves successful, you will have a chance to own one!


They say that the drones in the first shipment turned out to be rather extravagant. Don't be surprised when a new Cromack proposes you to "bathe in the blood" of recently butchered khelps or thoughtfully inquires if you would like to "peck at the hearts" of defeated enemies. Remember, they are only machines, they mean well.

Two extra modules for your helpers of any model are available on the market! They unlock two unique abilities that allow your character to receive additional resources both while in-game and while outside the game world.

For their performance throughout the event, your adepts can win amazing rewards for you including your very own Cromack Robot Raven and matching costume! But that’s not all you will receive:

  • Knowledge of Enemies
  • Credits
  • Premium Subscription
  • Victor’s Medals
  • And more!

If your adepts happen to set any new records, you have the possibility to receive the following rewards:

  • 1,000,000 Credits
  • 12,000 argents
  • 500 progress points on the Guaranteed reward scale.

Don’t miss your chance to participate! The event ends on November 16th, once technical work has finished. Visit the Keys of Elements page for more information!

Good luck!