King's Ransom - August Edition


It's scorching hot out there, and there's no better way to celebrate the summer than with a new edition of the King's Ransom! The rules are the same as before, and the rewards are amazing! Get your hands on a pile of Argents and a complete collection of legendary weapons.

Scratch the tickets and get lucky!


The grand prize and names of the lucky winners are displayed on the right side of the screen. The luckiest Immortal will get a big prize! 100 000 Argents is just the starting amount. It will increase by 100 Argents for every 5 tickets purchased by players. Not even the sky is the limit!

On top of the previous rewards, new items have been added!

Flaming Owl Pharakh and Crimson Dandy Costume


And a bunch of new legendary weapons!

  • Scythe of the Lord of Death
  • Fiery Rage Bow
  • Danse Macabre Twin Blades
  • Cyclone Staff
  • Crusher Hand Cannon
  • Broom of the Evil Pumpkin
  • Bloodbath Chainsword
  • Asteroid Kinetic Gloves

Keep in mind, the in-game info might not display these items, but they are still available as a reward!

Need a few more Argents to participate in the lottery? Don't wait and top-up today!


And once a player wins the grand prize, the game starts again, and the amount will return to its starting value. Magic cards can earn you Triumph or one of the following rewards:


  • Knowledge of Enemies

  • Victor's Medals

  • Pilgrimage Permit

  • Alpha Euphomine Stimulant

  • Euphomine Stimulant

  • Spark of Luck

  • Spark of Frugality

  • Spark of Perfection

  • Spark of Simplicity

  • Spark of Evolution

  • Spark of Superiority


  • Koher Mortem, Beyond the Veil

  • Selestin, the Lord of Winds

  • Pherox, Rage of the Ancient

  • Honor and Dawn, Heart of the Brotherhood

  • Gloria and Triumph, Iron Will

  • Cassandra, Ancient Mother

  • Stellaris, the Star of the Millennium

  • Flamel, the Flame of Truth

  • Luxara, Eternal Light

  • Taigette, Last Dogma

  • Luctis and Noctis, Loyal to Oath

  • Tal'Ron, Thunder Strike

  • Avicenna, Mark of the Alchemist

  • Panacea, Alchemist's Passion

  • Charon, Dark Companion

  • Tenebris, Claws of the Beast

  • Frontier and Bulwark, Edge of the World

  • Protector and Patron, Aeli's Will


  • Scientific Prestige Pack

  • Goliath Triumph Pack

  • Pantheon's Triumph Pack

  • Nine Lives Pack

  • Love Story Packs

  • Till Death do us Part Pack

  • Predatory Instincts Pack

  • Morphic Pack

  • Chromatic Pack

  • Ancient Souls Pack

  • Sergeant Pack


  • Sage's Chest

  • King's Chest

  • Judge's Chest

  • Assassin's Chest

  • Chest of Pure Matter

  • Chest of the Creator


When you participate in King's Ransom, you can win a random generation 14 legendary weapon, packs and more.

The prize will appear in the character's bag. You can sell the item for 10 000 credits or activate it for 24 hours. The timer keeps running when you log out. When this period ends, the weapon will disappear from the bag or equipment list.

All temporary weapons have an additional effect: a 30% chance that the Integrity of received equipment will be 20% higher.

The number of magic cards that can be opened by one player is not limited. Play big!

The event runs until 20.08.2018.

May fortune smile upon you!