King’s Ransom Shiba Inu Edition


Who wouldn't want a loyal companion by their side? This is your chance to get your very own Shiba Inu companion: participate in this edition of the King's Ransom lottery today!

The rules are simple: open the card and take the treasures hidden in it!


Triumph's size and names of the lucky winners are displayed on the right side of the screen. The luckiest will get a big prize! 100 000 is just the starting amount of Triumph. It will be increased by 100 Argents for every 5 tickets purchased by players. Who knows, perhaps the amount will reach 300 000, 500 000, or even a million Argents?!

And once a player wins the grand prize, the game starts again, and the amount will return to its starting value. Magic cards can earn you Triumph or one of the following rewards:

  • Shiba Inu Companion
  • Argents
  • Credits
  • Knowledge of Enemies
  • Victor's Medals
  • Permission for pilgrimage
  • Alpha Euphomine Stimulant
  • Euphomine Stimulant
  • Spark of Luck
  • Spark of Frugality
  • Spark of Perfection
  • Spark of Simplicity
  • Spark of Evolution
  • Spark of Superiority
  • Sage's Chest
  • King's Chest
  • Judge's Chest
  • Assassin's Chest
  • Chest of Pure Matter
  • Chest of the Creator


The number of magic cards that can be opened by one player is not limited. Play big!

You have time until 19.11.2018 to get yourself a big reward.

May Fortune smile on you!