Last Chance: Magic Surprise Box Sale

Due to the high demand we decided to bring back the Magic Surprise Box from January 16th 6am PST to January 25th 1am PST. Take your last chance to get the Snow-White Argali Mount!


With 249 Argents, you can take the chance at opening a box and getting a random reward from it!
With each box, you will be able to collect the footprints of a mysterious magical beast! Collect 2017 of those footprints and you will unlock the Snow-White Argali mount! But you will also receive Credits, Stimulants, Argents and more useful items from the box. With the different rewards it’s up to the New Year gods that you get some great rewards from it! But whatever rewards exactly the gods assign to you, you can be sure that each box contains items worth at least 249 Argents, so there will be no tears here!


This promotion starts on January 16th and ends on the 25th of January.