The Legacy Pack Vault and Class Packs


We are introducing the new Legacy Pack Vault System for Skyforge. A chance for immortals new and old, to grab their pack of choice.

Starting today you will see fewer packs in the in-game marketplace, but you will also see class packs to be listed for the first time in the market as well.

Every two weeks a new set of 5 regular and 3 class packs in the market.

Legacy Packs for Week 33


  • Sergeant Pack
  • Goliath Triumph Heavy Combat Suit
  • Pantheon's Triumph Pack
  • For Better or Worse Pack
  • Till Death Do Us Part Pack

Class Packs for Week 33

  • Revenant Pack
  • Alchemist Pack
  • Knight Pack

Each class pack provides you with a class unlock token and 3 days of premium time!

Get yours today.

Not enough Argents to get the items you want? No problem! Just follow the link and top up now!