Maintenance Canceled - 05/04/2016

We'd like to inform you that the Skyforge EU/NA servers will NOT be taken offline for maintenance this week.

This gives players more time to join the Days of Glory celebration and show-off what the new generation of Gods are capable of – earning valuable rewards by battling against phantoms of the past along the way! Sounds easy, right?

If you get lost (don't worry, we promise not to tell Ianna!) be sure to check out our official Days of Glory guide on Aelinet. Don't forget that the event ends on the 25th of May.

Skyforge Days of Glory 1

If you feel like you're ready to join Aelion's army, we have good news for you! Our Commander Packs have all you need to get you started. The Commander Packs are available for purchase from the 28th of April until May 13th, coming in three different variations – Sergeant Pack, Lieutenant Pack, and Commander Combo Pack.

To view the complete details or to purchase the Commander Packs, visit our dedicated Commander Packs Page.

Skyforge Commander Packs

Also, don't miss out on all the latest news about Skyforge in general, or the chance to chat with other players via Aelinet.