March of Thanatos Packs - Season 18


The shadow of death has once again fallen over Aelion, but while valor and honor lives in the hearts of the immortals, Thanatos can only squeeze his fists in impotent rage: he will not get one bit of this beautiful land. Menacing trophy weapons became available to immortals at the start of the invasion.

Thanatos's Advance Weapon Packs will be available from the 8th of February. Inside you will find new legendary weapons for the Gunner and the Paladin classes!

Sinister Light Pack

Pack Content
1 Lament and Sorrow Dark Defender

medals 4000 Victor's Medals

stims 10 Stimulants

Lethal Weapon Pack

Pack Content
2 Kera, Messenger of Death

credits 300.000 Credits

premium7 7 days Premium subscription

koe 3000 Knowledge of Enemies

Legendary weapon abilities

Lament and Sorrow Dark Defender

The Holy Ground ability is altered. Enemies are now slowed down on Holy Ground. The Paladin's third basic attack is replaced with a mighty strike, dealing damage to nearby enemies and restoring the character's health while the Paladin remains on Holy Ground.

Kera, Messenger of Death

Plasma Stream ability will be replaced with Disintegration Ray ability, which deals increased damage to the first enemy in a selected direction. Pulse Shot ability with active Residual Charge inflicts the Harvest effect on the enemy. Missile Salvo shots on targets with Harvest reduce cooldown for Orbital Strike and Orbital Strike deals much more damage.

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