Mount Sale - July Edition

The new Harpy Experimental Transport was constructed to make everyone in Aelion feel like a bird. Be the first immortal to grab this jetpack, as it was never released before!

To celebrate the arrival of this new transport medium, the mechanics of Aelion decided to discount some of the best mounts in their workshop.

From July 18th until July 25th, you will have the chance to snag some amazing deals on various mounts to explore Aelion in style!

Mounts on sale:

Mount Price
Harpy Experimental Transport 8000
Snow-White Argali 5500
Nymphea Flower 10500
Gliss Hoverboard 8400
Bronze Argali 5000
Patrol Glider 4750
Books Price
Combat Animal 4000
Griffin's Attack 4000
Missilery Basics 6500
Animal Rage 6500

Don’t miss this chance to grab the deals!