The new Skyforge pack store!

Flavius has been at it again!

With packs, exclusive event deals, and content passing through Aelion at breakneck speed this last year… collecting all packs and costumes can be a nightmare. In search of a better way, Flavius teamed up with Aelion's own reporting prodigy, Pria. These two have just finished an investigation into finding a solution to the problem!

Introducing the new Skyforge Pack Store! With a fresh UI and interactive design, the new store represents everything you have come to love about Aelion. All available packs will be available for purchase in-game with Argents!


Unsure if you want to buy? Click on a pack to preview its content!

These packs may not be identical to their previously released versions. As they will be purchasable with Argents, all packs have had their original Argents removed. Augmented packs will see a price drop to reflect the current value of the contents within.

Flavius is still in the process of adding content to the warehouse, and instead of making Immortals wait for him to update the stock inventory, he has decided to release the store to immortals on March 7th!

Packs available at launch:

  • Who said Meow (Predatory Instincts)
  • Tail for Tail Pack (Nine Lives Packs)
  • Till death do us part
  • For Better or Worse

With many, many more to follow!