New wares at the Market


The selection of Packs in the in-game Market has been replenished! These Legacy packs bring back fantastic costumes, companions and even the Revenant Soul Fragment!

Technology of Two Worlds Pack

Flavius' latest blunder could be his biggest discovery – these mysterious boxes contain a variety of different costumes!

Image Content
tech Companion with a unique color option

Random costume

2.000.000 Credits

Sergeant Pack

Aelion is not only protected by the Immortals. The Templars are also joining in the fight to protect the people and often risk their own lives. Adorn the gear of a Templar Sergeant!

Image Content
serg Protector Power Helmet

Guard Power Helmet

Impregnable Defense Armor

30 Day Premium Subscription

8 Stimulants

750.000 Credits

1000 Victor's Medals

Ancient Souls Pack

After eons of seclusion, honing themselves to martial perfection in what can only be called undeath, their own form of immortality, these brutal combatants have joined us in our hour of need, ready to wade into battle in the pursuit of death and glory.

Image Content
rev Revenant Soul Fragment

Revenant Armor

Companion: Morte

14 Day Premium Subscription

100.000 Credits

Scientific Prestige Pack

The most prestigious scientific exhibitions are eagerly awaiting your presentations. Submit your inventions to the higher powers, but do not forget to dress accordingly.

Image Content
science Prestige Mechanics Costume

1000 Victor's Medals

25 Stimulants

25000 Knowledge of Enemies

Morphic Pack

Multi-color image of the divine form – can you imagine anything else more spectacular, expressive, or mood defining?

Image Content
morph Morphic Device

3000 Victor's Medals

10000 Knowledge of Enemies

Chromatic Pack

Flavius has since created a system that allows you to change your Godly appearance at any time - a once impossible feat is now as easy to perform as some mortal changing clothes!

Image Content
chrom Chromatic Device

500000 Credits

7500 Knowledge of Enemies

15 Stimulants

30 Day Premium Subscription

These packs are available now in the in-game Market!