Oasis Promotion & 20% Bonus Argents sale

Welcome to the Oasis – an enclosed city deep within the Wasteland that harbours a constantly shifting reputation. Despite being a place of trade, relaxation and beauty that even Elder Gods feel compelled to visit from time to time, it is no secret that not all visitors have good intentions in mind on arrival.


Thanks to the sandy seclusion that the Oasis provides, the city has slowly generated a tense and mysterious atmosphere that is hard to explain. From shady dealings to mysterious disappearances, it was only a matter of time before the Oasis would attract the righteous gaze of Ianna (and various political groups of Aelion) who are determined to root out the growing evil that tarnishes this once peaceful refuge.


Is it the work of bandits? Is the Oasis a haven for some form of desert-based mafia? Could it have something to do with the giant Cryptorium crystal that the city was built around? Only one this is certain – a subtle investigation is required, and that is where YOU come in, Immortal!

Starting on the 30th of June, we call upon all Immortals to help look into the situation at the Oasis in exchange for valuable rewards, such as the Neuromodulation Implant, your very own desert dwelling Bulkhar mount, and armfuls of precious currencies. In addition, we’ll be initiating a huge 20% Argent Top-Up promotion at the same time, giving Immortals the perfect means to stock-up for whatever they may need during the Oasis investigation.

Awards for the first round

3prem knowledge premiumrank credits premium7
Premium Subscription Knowledge of Enemies Premium Rank Credits Premium Subscription
Count 1 3,500 1 200,000 1
Progress 10 25 50 100 200
victor stimulants victor implant bulkhar
Victor's Medals Stimulants Victor's Medals Neuromodulation Implant Bulkhar
Count 4,000 50 8,000 1 1
Progress 350 550 900 1200 1500

Awards for the second round

knowledge credits victor premiumrank knowledge
Knowledge of Enemies Credits Victor's Medals Premium Rank Knowledge of Enemies
Count 3,500 200,00 1,000 2 15,000
Progress 10 25 50 100 200
credits stimulants victor stimulants victor
Credits Stimulants Victor's Medals Stimulants Victor's Medals
Count 1,000,000 50 3,000 75 5,000
Progress 350 550 900 1200 1500

The Oasis promotion will end on the 14th of July, whereas the Argent Top-Up promotion will end on the 5th of July, so make sure you don’t miss either of these fantastic events!


-The Skyforge Team