The Oceanids are invading: Season 17

The Oceanids are almost here!

Invasion card

  • Equipment generation: 17
  • Maximum Prestige: 233
  • Maximum rank of the Tower of Knowledge: 200
  • Maximum number of followers in the Cathedral: 300 000
  • Maximum Might from Bastions: 240 000

Nihaz's army has been defeated! Judging by the disturbances in the Astral, the demon avatar and his generals are hastily retreating from our planet. Aelion will be rid of this threat in less than a day.

But there is no rest for the weary. For several weeks now, deep-sea monitoring buoys have been reporting an increased activity of the Oceanids on Aelion. The sea creatures sense that Tol-Monter is coming. Soon countless hordes of deep-water monsters will flood the planet surface like a tsunami!

Prepare for fierce battles, young gods! The Oceanid invasion begins on December 5.


Equipment Table

New difficulty levels will become available according to schedule. You can view it in the game, in the current invasion interface.

The invasion will gradually gain momentum. With the arrival of new bosses, new distortions and adventure difficulty levels will be unlocked, and players will get access to improved equipment.

In group adventures (except Hespilon Temple), you can receive rare and epic equipment. In distortions and squad adventures, 1 epic item per day is guaranteed. After that, both rare and epic items may drop. Adventure cards usually contain information about the kind of equipment you can get in there.

Another place where you can get equipment is invasion adventures. When you defeat a special troop, you will receive a chest that may contain rare, epic, and even mythical items of relevant generation (if the character's rank is equal to or higher than the special troop's rank). The item type depends on the stage of the invasion. The chest may contain only the equipment pieces that are currently available in adventures. Bosses in invasion adventures may drop these chests as well.

Adventure Equipment Stats
Leunar Swamps Ring (rare) Critical Damage Modifier — 7000 Base Damage Modifier — 7000
Mare Sacro Monastery Amulet (rare) Health Modifier — 7000 Companion's Damage Modifier — 7000
Targo Islands Brooch (rare) Health Modifier — 7000 Base Damage Modifier — 7000
Operation Isabella Amulet, ring (epic) Ring: Critical Damage Modifier — 7000-10500
Base Damage Modifier — 7000-10500
Amulet: Health Modifier — 7000-10500
Companion's Damage Modifier — 600-900
Lorro the Cold Brooch (epic) Health Modifier — 7000-10500 Base Damage Modifier — 7000-10500
Tarlen Aquifer Bracelet (rare) Critical Damage Modifier — 7000 Companion's Damage Modifier — 7000
Kuat-Lien Station Sapphire (rare) Base Damage Modifier — 7000 Companion's Damage Modifier — 7000
Fort Darlek Ruby (rare) Health Modifier — 7000 Critical Damage Modifier — 7000
Operation Medea Sapphire, Ruby (epic) Sapphire: Base Damage Modifier — 7000-10500
Companion's Damage Modifier — 600-900
Ruby: Health Modifier — 7000-10500
Critical Damage Modifier — 7000-10500
Alciona and Melia Bracelet (epic) Critical Damage Multiplier — 7000-10500 Companion's Damage Modifier — 7000-10500
Daren Facility Topaz (rare) Critical Damage Modifier — 7000 Base Damage Modifier — 7000
Icy Plateau Emerald (rare) Health Modifier — 7000 Companion's Damage Modifier — 7000
Hespilon Temple Weapon and artifact (rare) · Ranged Damage — 200%
· Target's Defense Reduction — 30%
· Control Efficiency — 45%
· Total Damage — 200%
· Damage to Shields — 300%
· Endurance — 30%
· Block — 60%
· Support Aura Efficiency — 110%
· Shield Capacity — 60%
· Health Bonus — 300%
Operation Ophelia Emerald and Topaz (epic) Emerald: Health Modifier — 7000-10500
Companion's Damage Modifier — 600-900
Topaz: Critical Damage Modifier — 7000-10500
Base Damage Modifier — 7000-10500
Wise Latanu Artifact (epic) Health Bonus — 300%
Nautilus Weapon (epic) · Ranged Damage — 270%
· Target's Defense Reduction — 40%
· Control Efficiency — 60%
· Total Damage — 270%
· Damage to Shields — 400%
· Endurance — 40%
· Block — 80%
· Support Aura Efficiency — 150%
· Shield Capacity — 80%

Tol-Monter's Avatar

If you defeat the champion incarnation of Tol-Monter's Avatar, you may receive:

  • 1–6 trophies if the character has unlocked less than 6 divine specializations for trophies;
  • 1 Avatar's Artifact;
  • Cognition (once in 3 days);
  • legendary jewelry.

Beginners can pit their skills against the training version of the avatar. It is adapted for groups of 5 characters. Its purpose is to prepare young gods for the battle against the great god of the Oceanids. Now if your character has unlocked less than 4 divine specializations, you will get Avatar Trophies for completing the invasion avatar's training challenge for the first 1-4 runs!

Additionally, you have a chance to receive legendary jewelry for victory over any version of the avatar. The jewelry's generation depends on the character's Prestige. Characters that have reached Prestige rank 220 will receive generation 17 jewelry.

Invasion adventure opening schedule

Special adventures become available to immortals during invasions. They differ depending on the invading army, giving young gods a chance to test their skills in new conditions and unique combat situations. These adventures are also very picturesque and atmospheric.

  • Sudden Attack — December 5.
  • Lending a Hand — December 5.
  • Oceanid Incubator — December 5.
  • Crashed Aircraft — December 8.
  • Kanter Aelerium Plant — December 12.
  • Abandoned Fort Garune — December 15.
  • Evacuation — December 19.
  • Oceanid Flagship — December 26.

Catch-up System

Newcomers will fulfill directives of the Council of Gods to receive extra items that accelerate the development of their Cathedral, Tower of Knowledge, and Bastions.

  • Cathedral: 250 000 followers.
  • Tower of Knowledge: Rank 170.
  • Bastions: up to the second-to-last symbol in each Bastion.

At the start of the season, the system marks the number of ranks the player needs to catch up on. The total number of items received from directives corresponds with the number of ranks. The system ignores all player's investments in development. Thus, in most cases, the catch-up will be done after the player reaches the targeted rank.

Prestige Rank Table

In this table you can see the number of Prestige points you need to reach a certain rank. The number can be calculated using the formula: Might*(Sum of modifiers/4).