Our Argent Bonanza!


After high demand, we got the keys to your Argents wishes! Whether you're running low or checking out that killer set of new gear, we've got your back! King's Ransom, is back May 29th to June 4th.

More than just an argent giveaway, the King's Ransom has exotic weapons, special classes, and sparks! With everything an immortal could ever wish to achieve and more, our King's Ransom is your way of spinning the wheel of fate for a chance to win the triumphant prize of nearly unlimited Argents!

To play the King's Ransom head over to the in-game Marketplace. Every ticket sold has a chance to win the Grand Prize, starting at 100,000 Argents! Every 5 tickets purchased by the players of Aelion however, increases the jackpot by another 100 Argents if none of the tickets sold awarded it! How high will the jackpot get before the winning ticket is played? 200,000 Argents? 500,000 Argents! Or maybe even 1,000,000 Argents?!


There is no way to know and only one way to find out! Head over to the In-game Marketplace between May 29 and June 4 to purchase your King's Ransom today! But don't worry, you won't be playing for Argents exclusively. Every ticket that doesn't award the King's Ransom will shower purchasers in other prizes available.

From consumables to credits to legendary weapons to Knowledge of Enemies, the King's Ransom has got it all!

Will you become the next Skyforge Legend?