The phytonides: second week of the invasion


The second week of the Phytonide invasion is underway. The enemy army is pushing our forces back on all fronts. A troop of sentient plants has landed in Veines and already started changing it. Together with the Templars of Aelion, you will eradicate the Phytonide threat.

Fight! Your main task is to stop the alien flora from spreading. The plants must not gain a foothold on our planet. Attack enemy mycelia - they produce seeds. But be careful - the Phytonides will fight fiercely to protect them. All five mycelia are connected and can support each other. Join forces with other immortals and destroy the enemy mycelia at the same time.


To stop you, the flagship of the invading army will release special spores into the air. Even the strongest immortals cannot breathe them for long. Fortunately, Flavius developed special neutralizers. Three of them working simultaneously can easily make the air breathable again. Unfortunately, the Phytonides quickly figured out their purpose. They will try to stop you.

You will also need to destroy rhizomorphs - the roots of the enemy flagship. It uses them to draw energy and nutrients from Aelion’s soil.

Machavann sent his best warriors to Veines. A troop of high Dryads have arrived at Aelion with a mysterious mission. Stop them. Eliminate them all! Remember: the monsters are extremely strong. You will need Aspects to defeat them.

Good luck!