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From May 18th to June 1st, 1am PDT, we call upon you and your trusted adepts to get to the bottom of what is going on at the Edelweiss research facility. Your participation will be generously rewarded!


"Immortality is a great gift, and we only use 10% of it."
A few years ago, Flavius’s article triggered a series of experiments with immortal volunteers. Immortality has always been just a tool to Flavius, and any tool can be upgraded. Ianna fully supported the initiative because Flavius's breakthrough would guarantee victory in the endless war for Aelion.


An experimental research facility called Edelweiss was established in one of the remote provinces of Aelion, where they began the process of "dissecting immortality", as Flavius liked to say. There was no shortage of volunteers. Research at Edelweiss was covered widely in media, and initial results looked very promising. For example, they managed to slightly extend the duration of the divine form. But then a catastrophic failure put a stop to Flavius's line of research; a young god disappeared from the test capsule as if he had simply evaporated. They couldn't cover it up and the public backlash forced Ianna to terminate the research, so Edelweiss was shut down. But now, many years later, the locals are demanding that Edelweiss be completely dismantled. They claim that the ghost of the missing god now haunts the premises.


-The Skyforge Team