Promo: Children of Nihaz

Would you like to be digested by demons, immortal? If so, feel free to ignore this message. After all, it’s not like our oldest enemies have dire plans for our wonderful planet, no, no, no. They clearly don’t want to steal all our resources and melt Aelion into a bulbous blob of atomized energy that they can feast on…


Bah, who are we kidding, of course they are – and while we may make fun of this dire situation, it doesn’t change the fact that you are our last hope against the latest demon incursion. However, as much as we always rely on you to save our world, we’ll also need to recruit your most loyal adepts for this next stealthy mission.

While you fight off the latest threats directly, we ask you to send your adepts to deal with the troublesome Children of Nihaz, a fanatical cult whose predictions and ravings have been a bit too accurate for comfort lately. We need intel – fast – and are willing to part with our most sacred treasures to compensate.


Perhaps you’d be interested in a demonized Pegasus Legion mount? Maybe you’d be happy with the “Emblem of Nihaz” artefact? Failing that, there is always a wealth of currency to gain in return for your assistance, so no matter what your poison is, don’t miss out on the opportunity to steal a portion of the demon’s own power for yourselves!

The Children of Nihaz promo will begin on the 27th of September and end on the 11th of October – be there, or be food for the demons.

-The Skyforge Team