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Whilst the bulk of Aelion’s best and brightest are busy studying your recent findings on Thea, the Xenobiological division has still found time to make yet another ground-breaking discovery. After tampering with findings from the Emerald Stream, a special compound – “C-611”, later branded “Euphomine” – was developed from the findings. Hailed as a wonder drug, Euphomine provided voluntary testers with immunity to almost all Gorgonide poisons and enhanced the users own strength and mobility, earning the attention of Aelion’s mortal military who deemed it as a soft-cure for their dwindling troop numbers.


bodytobi bodycostume

However, this almost perfect discovery had unforeseen consequences that were discovered too late. It has since been noted that Euphomine is extremely addictive, inflicts sporadic hallucinations and elicits delusions of grandeur, making mortals believe they, themselves, are now all-powerful gods surrounded by non-existent danger, going so far as to mistake friends for foes. By the time this negative quirk was discovered, Euphomine had already been mass distributed to mortal Templars – now under threat of taking their ‘new godly powers’ and using them against threats that do not even exist, or using any means necessary to acquire more of the addictive drug when the powers fade.


Awards for the first round

3prem knowledge premiumrank credits premium7
Premium Subscription Knowledge of Enemies Premium Rank Credits Premium Subscription
Count 1 3,500 1 200,000 1
Progress 10 25 50 100 200
resourceabundance serenity stimulants investigation tobi
Resource Abundance Serenity Costume Stimulants Euphomine Research Ether Tobi
Count 1 1 100 1 1
Progress 350 550 900 1200 1500

Awards for the second round

knowledge credits victor premiumrank knowledge
Knowledge of Enemies Credits Victor's Medals Premium Rank Knowledge of Enemies
Count 3,500 200,000 1,000 2 15,000
Progress 10 25 50 100 200
credits stimulants victor stimulants victor
Credits "Stimulants Victor's Medals Stimulants Victor's Medals
Count 1,000,000 50 3,000 75 5,000
Progress 350 550 900 1200 1500

From the 26th of April to the 10th of May 1am PDT, we call upon you and your trusted adepts to help investigate this situation in return for exclusive costumes and precious currencies to help fund whatever epic undertaking you choose to take part in next. Don’t delay, Immortal – this supposed wonder drug could now result in a pandemic scourge throughout Aelion!


-The Skyforge Team