Promotion: Knowledge Is Light

The dark ages are long past, but their influence is still strong in remote provinces of Aelion: strange beliefs, fear of technology, and some people in our beautiful world are still illiterate! These things sadden Herida, so on the eve of Enlightenment Day she appeals to the gods to help her spread the light of knowledge.

Enlightenment Day is a relatively new holiday. It was established by the Council of the Gods just a few years ago. On this day, the messengers of the gods visit remote places on Aelion and carry out educational activities.

While their work is quite tedious and dangerous, its benefits are evident: after analyzing the written prayers of the people of Aelion, Flavius reports that over the past year, the number of people able to make three errors in a four-letter word has decreased by almost half.

This year, Herida asks your adepts to take educational tablets to the inhabitants of distant provinces and leave them in the local libraries which Herida opened last year. And to see if the library building is used for storing apples or as a cowhouse.

First Circle Rewards


Second Circle Rewards


Unique Rewards

Companion’s ability: Transformer

  • If you activate a picked-up weapon in your divine form, the companion will convert the weapon’s remaining energy into a 10% bonus to damage.
  • Disposable weapons (grenades, large fragments) grant a bonus for 20 seconds, and normal weapons - for 60 seconds.

Companion’s ability: Accumulator
Thanks to this module, the companion can accumulate up to 2 attack charges instead of 1.

To accelerate missions, you can use Intelligence Data or Argents. Intelligence Data can be obtained in PvE adventures: from 1 item for victory over the last boss in Squad adventures. Killing bosses in group adventures brings more Data. The reward size depends on the character’s and adventure’s current rank. The amount of Intelligence Data you can obtain is not limited. Once you have accumulated 3000 Intelligence Data, the chance of getting it is reduced, and you will receive a smaller amount.

You can purchase an Intelligence Data Extractor in the Resources section of the Market. It increases the amount of Intelligence Data received for killing the boss in a PvE adventure.

Do not miss out on this chance to get a new companion and unique abilities!

The event runs from 8.11.2018 to 21.11.2018. To take part in the Knowledge Is Light event, open the special interface by pressing the 9 key.