Sale: Summer Packs Extravaganza

Summer is here Immortals; and much like the wave of Summer heat that’s come rolling in, we’ve got a wave of mega deals available for you!

Whether you’re looking to equip yourself for some interstellar adventures or brave the depths of Aelion’s oceans, with 22 packs available from 30% to 50% off, there’s a pack for everyone! So, take a look through our Summer catalogue of trendy gear and see what sticks out to you. It’s all on sale after all!

Plenty of choices to choose from, but don’t take too long to decide. These exclusive deals are available for one week only: June 26 to July 3!

Pack Discount Price (in Argents)
Space Traveler Pack 30% 16,099
Space Technologies Pack 30% 14,499
Cultist Pack 30% 17,599
Techno Pack 30% 19,899
Field Practice Pack 30% 20,999
Scientific Prestige Pack 30% 15,899
Combat Medic Pack 30% 9,999
Assistant Pack 30% 14,999
Oceanid Hunter Pack 40% 13,199
Tail for Tail Pack 40% 25,999
Technology of Two Worlds Pack 40% 14,399
Reaper Hunter Pack 40% 18,299
Heart of Battle Pack 40% 11,199
Sun of Naori Pack 40% 13,399
Immotral World Pack 40% 9,899
Sergeant Pack 50% 8,099
Ancient Souls Pack 50% 7,199
Election Fever Pack 50% 11,499
School Reunion Pack 50% 20,699
Beeonic Helper Pack 50% 15,599
Busy Bee Pack 50% 8,099
Rock'n'Aelion Pack 50% 15,299

Not enough Argents to get the items you want? No problem! Just follow the link and top up now!


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