Sale: Victor Medals 30% Discount

Valentine's Day may be over but the romance remains!

If you’re contemplating which romantic gifts you'd like to send to that special someone who stole your heart on Valentine’s Day, or just wish to treat yourself, then consider our Victor Medal Sale – open from the 15th to the 22nd of February!


You may already have a romantic-night planned, so why not pick up your date using the latest Hall of Trophies mount? You’ll surely leave an impression. Seeing as Victor Medal’s are available at an impressive 30% discount, you can do just that!

They can also be used for various other aspects, such as increasing the amount of might that your Bastions provide, give you access to certain abilities, purchase various valuable items, and many other possibilities.

Don’t let the opportunity slip by – stock up on your Victor’s Medals today!

-The Skyforge Team