Shadow of Nihaz Packs

Demons are vicious, voracious, dim and unimaginative, yet still one of the first beings to have travelled through both time and space given they are composed of nothing but raw energies. Having harassed and waylaid countless planets and realms across the known and unknown universe, it was only a matter of time before they set their eyes on Aelion in their quest for sustenance, be it consuming the energy-based resources of astral space, or even fleshy mortals (and immortals).

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You have faced the demons in their new form, yet to truly beat them one must understand them – maybe even become them – and the Shadow of Nihaz Packs allow you to do just that.


Introducing the Demonic Cold and the Deadly Astral Packs, both of which contain the very essence of the demons themselves, allowing certain magical practitioners of Aelion to wield demonic power for themselves in the form of volatile weapons. In addition, both packs contain a wealth of currencies to help aid you in your inevitable quests against those vile creatures whatever way you see fit – such as credits, argents, victor’s medals and stimulants.


These packs can be acquired individually, or together at a discount, and will go on sale from the 8th to the 22nd of September. Don’t miss the opportunity to steal the power of the demons and use it for yourself – for good or for ill.

-The Skyforge Team