Slithering Weapon Packs


The technology of the Gorgonides is entirely different from ours. Akonita’s minions assign primary importance to efficiency and not to its safe use. That should cost the aliens in the long run - the Gorgonide weapons will turn against them!

From September 6, new Slithering Weapon packs will be available. Get new legendary weapons for your Outlaw and Berserker, and many other useful valuables at a good price!


Pack Content
1 Fang and Spike, the Drovers

medals 5000 Victor's Medals

stims 20 Stimulants

Reckless Courage Pack

Pack Content
2 Legendary weapon: Gvardar, the Robust

credits 1.000.000 Credits

premium21 21 DAYS Premium subscription

stims 10 Stimulants

Legendary Weapon Abilities

Fang and Spike, the Drovers

  • Tracer is replaced by Viper Mark that can be stacked without limitation.
  • Once 20 Marks are accumulated, the effects will be applied in pairs. Starting with the 20th mark, each new mark increases the damage of Sureshot by 2% and may attract Viper Hunters. The more Viper Mark effects the target has, the higher the chance Hunters will attack. When they attack, the Vipers destroy all marks and deal 65% of damage Sureshot would have dealt.

Gvardar, the Robust

  • Crippling Blow lasts 3 seconds longer and deals 4 times more damage during that time. Each additional second of Crippling Blow deals 7% of damage to the Berserker. After using Crippling Blow, the Berserker becomes invulnerable for 4 seconds or 2 if the ability is interrupted.
  • The Berserker recovers 20% more health from all sources.

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