Threat from the depths

Since ancient times, the armies of Tol-Monter wanted to capture Aelion.
It would seem that Oceanids, creatures that were not adapted to life outside seas and oceans, were no threat at all in the beginning - but now became one of the most dangerous enemies to us.

Unlike other fiends, the Oceanids managed to find a place to hide on Aelion. A place where neither the Templars nor the Immortals could find them - miles under the ocean!

The oceanic depths are still a big mystery to everyone in Aelion. And only one person, Angus Affort, a famous scientist, has tried to uncover the secrets of the depth. Angus’ studies were not well received by most people, only his old friend Flavius was supporting him.

The scientist wandered off to the south and for many years nobody heard of Angus. However, during the last invasion of the Oceanids, Angus sent Flavius a letter informing him of what he knew.

The letter though got lost among other messages, and the news arrived too late.The coast had already been seized by the Oceanids… one could only guess what the content of that message was.

From November 8th to November 22nd your Followers can be sent out for missions to empower Aelion against the beasts from the depths. While being out for missions they have the chance to acquire rarities such as Premium Subscription, Knowledge of Enemies, Credits, Stimulants and Victor’s Medals.

Awards for the first round

Awards for the first round

Awards for the second round

Awards for the second round

While we may not discover what was written in the letters of Angus, we certainly can build up our defences and fight back against the aquatic threat!.

-The Skyforge Team