Tips from Flavius: Ascension Atlas

When a young immortal first meets Flavius, they will briefly learn about the map of mental and physical abilities referred to as the Ascension Atlas. The time has come for Flavius to expand upon his story with several valuable tips on how this map functions.
So, let’s get started.

Tip 1. When a player first begins in Skyforge, only the Class Atlases will be available. It is rather easy to progress on this map, but it’s advised that players note the fact that nodes require different amounts of resources. For example, you can put in 50 Sparks of Creation, or 150. It’s up to the player to find their optimum development strategy.

Flavius Tips Atlas 1

Tip 2. Have new weapons that can’t be equipped? Unlock the green and red nodes to increase your proficiency. Note that every type of node in the atlas has an impact on certain parameters of the character - The descriptions will explain which parameters will change, such as additional luck or might.

Flavius Tips Atlas 2

Tip 3. When a player reaches the “Upper” Ascension Atlas, they will have much greater freedom in their progression.

Flavius Tips Atlas 3

To avoid confusion, make sure to set an objective such as:

  • Get to a new class;

    Flavius Tips Atlas 4

  • Get to a node providing characteristics for increasing the order’s level;

    Flavius Tips Atlas 5

  • Get to the symbol that unlocks a desired Talent;

    Flavius Tips Atlas 6

  • Complete development of a class that has already been unlocked.

When a player completes a Class Atlas, a class symbol and two symbol slots are awarded. Additionally, symbols can be found throughout the Ascension Atlas as well.
Symbols come in many unique variations – players should choose their own path!

Tip 4. No matter the path that’s chosen, use the Find Path option to navigate the Atlas easier (right-click on the desired node –> «Find Path»).
The path will be highlighted with a blue dotted line in the required atlas:

Flavius Tips Atlas 7

The guide icon, located next to the players health and resources, will indicate when the player has collected sufficient sparks to unlock the next node.

Flavius Tips Atlas 8

Tip 5. Important: There are purple nodes in the general atlas, the resources for which will be obtainable at a later stage in the game after unlocking the Divine Form. Remember to keep this in mind when charting a path.

Flavius Tips Atlas 9

A few additional tips:

  • Almost every new unlocked atlas node will add to your Prestige and general potential of the character. Accumulated a lot of sparks of one type? Perhaps these could be distributed in some way to help further.
  • When using Replicators, Sparks of insight can be obtained much more quickly to allow objectives to be achieved noticeably faster.

This concludes Flavius’s tips for the Ascension Atlas! Let us know if this edition of Tips from Flavius was useful, which information was new for you, and what would you like to read about in future issues.