Viper Trophies packs are now available


Akonita’s forces are enviably resilient. But even experienced imperial soldiers flee the battlefield when things get too dangerous, leaving all sorts of equipment behind. Scientists from Flavius’s laboratory never miss a chance to improve our weapons using war trophies.

From August 22 to September 5, Viper Trophies packs will be available for purchase. Get new legendary weapons for your Knight and Cryomancer along with other useful valuables at a good price!

Cold Rage Pack

Pack Content
1 Kryta, Viper’s Heart

medals 5000 Victor's Medals

stims 20 Stimulants

Reckless Courage Pack

Pack Content
2 Seth and Python, the Viper Guard

credits 1.000.000 Credits

premium21 21 DAYS Premium subscription

stims 10 Stimulants

Legendary Weapon Abilities

Kryta, Viper’s Heart

Using Cryobeam, Cryonic Pulse, and Snowball may create icy spears around the character. Using the spears applies the Cryocharge effect to the Cryomancer which increases the damage of Icy Thorn 3 times and affects all enemies in the selected direction.

Seth and Python, the Viper Guard

When using combo attacks, the character has a chance to gain an effect that reduces the cost of Havoc to 1 point of Willpower and creates a rift afterwards. In this rift, enemies take damage over time, and the Knight’s Tantrum and Whiplash are restored faster.

Not enough Argents to get the items you want? No problem! Just follow the link and top up now!


Happy shopping!